Antonio Gil

Netflix box art for Pulsaciones - Season 1 Pulsaciones - Season 1
2017 / 70

After receiving a heart transplant, surgeon Álex is haunted by strange nightmares that propel him to investigate his organ donor's suspicious death. What if your memories were no longer yours, but those of a dead man who saved your life? A dead man seeking justice?

Netflix box art for Risen Risen
2016 / 107

To disprove rumors of a Jewish preacher's resurrection, a jaded Roman tribune and his rookie lieutenant search for the crucified man's missing body.

Netflix box art for The Way The Way
2010 / 120

When his son dies while hiking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in the Pyrenees, a grieving father decides to complete the 500-mile trek to Spain. A grief-stricken father tackles an unlikely journey in an inspired bid to connect with his recently deceased son.