New to Netflix Argentina: Movies

Oct 16th 2017
Netflix box art for El Che El Che
2017 / 119

Spanish-Mexican writer Paco Ignacio Taibo II hits the road to trace the footsteps of Ernesto "Che" Guevara and sheds new light on the revolutionary.

Oct 15th 2017
Netflix box art for Bank Attack Bank Attack
2007 / 111

Desperate for money to save his sick daughter’s life, a father decides to rob a bank, unluckily, on the same day as a real burglar and a safecracker. Go in, get the money, get out. It shouldn't take long. Too bad he wasn't the only one thinking that.

Netflix box art for Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses
2015 / 90

This documentary tries to reconstruct, through a series of interviews, a family's misguided attempt to heal a woman's pain through exorcism.

Netflix box art for Dangal Dangal
2016 / 160

A once-promising wrestler pursues the gold medal he never won by training two of his daughters to compete at the Commonwealth Games. A faded wrestler pins his hopes of winning gold for India on two of his daughters in this true story of girl power.

Netflix box art for El Crazy Che El Crazy Che
2015 / 86

Learn the true story of Guillermo "Bill" Gaede, an Argentine engineer who spied for Cuba and the FBI while working in Silicon Valley in the 1980s.

Netflix box art for Everest Everest
2015 / 121

In 1996, rival mountaineering teams attempt to scale Mount Everest, but when a blizzard hits the summit, the climbers must fight to stay alive. Their obsession with conquering the mountain's angry blizzard would be their downfall, and for some, their salvation.

Netflix box art for Frozen Frozen
2013 / 104

When Queen Elsa’s icy powers plunge the kingdom of Arendelle into a deep freeze, her intrepid sister, Anna, vows to find her and repair the damage. When emotions get the best of her, this princess rages ice and snow -- but her warm heart wishes it wasn't so.

Netflix box art for Frozen Fever Frozen Fever
2015 / 7

A feverish Elsa plows through a cold to throw Anna the perfect birthday party. But with every sneeze, she only creates more chaos.

Netflix box art for A Goofy Movie A Goofy Movie
1995 / 78

Goofy is committed to spending quality time with his son, so he drags teenager Max away on a vacation -- but the timing couldn't be worse for Max. Teen crushes, rock concerts, father/son bonding and the worst road trip ever. It's not easy when your dad is Goofy.

Netflix box art for Money Money
2016 / 84

Two corporate spies with a $5 million haul for selling secrets are held hostage by a thief, triggering a game of cat and mouse to gain the upper hand.

Netflix box art for No Good Deed No Good Deed
2014 / 83

A devoted mother who offers a handsome stranger help is caught up in a hostage nightmare when the man turns out to be a deranged escaped convict. A mother versus a psychotic intruder: One's got everything to live for, the other nothing to lose. Whoever wins, lives.

Netflix box art for OtherLife OtherLife
2017 / 95

After inventing a drug that induces time-compressed virtual realities, young Ren grapples with partner Sam over how to use their powerful creation. What if, in our mind's eye, we could experience a year in a minute? Would our lives feel fuller? Or more isolated?

Netflix box art for Shaun the Sheep Movie Shaun the Sheep Movie
2015 / 85

When the Farmer loses his memory while in the city, wily Shaun and the gang race to rescue him. But a zealous animal-control officer has other ideas. A clever dog, a crafty sheep and their lovable, lumbering flock: They're in the big city, and there's a farmer to save.

Oct 14th 2017
Netflix box art for 두 얼굴의 여친 두 얼굴의 여친
2007 / 115

A seventh-year college guy finally gets his first girlfriend: a sweet, naïve freshman whose other personality is prone to cussing and beating him up. One minute, she's the perfect girl. Next minute, her foot is in his face. The best things come in pairs -- supposedly.